NSTI Order

SI.No Title Download Publish Date
1 Jan Bhagidari Activity Activities regarding Jan Bhagidari events order.pdf
2 Training Section Sessional orders Training Section order.pdf
3 G 20 Activity G20 Institute order_0.pdf
4 NCVT MIS Portal In Charge Office Order NCVT MIS portal In charge Order.pdf
5 Office order of Library Officer charge Library Officer charge order.pdf
6 Office order regarding Outsource &Manpower In charge Outsource and Manpower In Charge order.pdf
7 Office Order for Trade requirement of Supplies and Material OO reg Supplies of Material for Training.pdf
8 Office Order for Charge Handing Over OO Charge Hand Over 24Nov2022.pdf
9 Training Programme on e-office OO E-Office Training 24Nov2022.pdf
10 Janajatiya Gourav Divas 15th Nov. 2022 Janajatiya Gourav Divas 15Nov2022.pdf
11 Recruitment of Guest Faculty at NSTIW Tura Advertisement for guest faculty.png
12 Office Order regarding DDO NSTIW Tura OO regarding DDO NSTIW Tura.pdf
13 Office Order regarding Women Hostel in-charge OO regarding Hostel Incharge 26Sept2022.pdf
14 Office Order regarding Hindi Divas OO regarding Hindi Divas 22Sep2022.pdf
15 Office Order regarding Boys Hostel in-charge OO Boy Hostel Incharge.pdf
16 Office Order regarding DDO at NSTIW Tura OO DDO NSTIW Tura 19Sep2022.pdf
17 Office Order regarding Shikshak Parv OO 1sept2022.pdf
18 Office Order regarding Faculty Engagement in CTS trades OO Regarding Faculty Engagement.pdf
19 Quotation Enquiry 26Aug2022 QEL Notice Board 26Aug2022.pdf
20 Office Order regarding No Dues by Trainees OO reg No Dues by Trainees 23Aug2022.pdf
21 Office Order regarding Training on MS Office OO reg Training on MS Office 22Aug2022.pdf
22 Office Order regarding Principal i/c OO 18Aug2022_compressed.pdf
23 Office Order for Audit OO reg Audit 16Aug2022.pdf
24 Office Order for internal physical verification OO reg Internal Physical Verification 16Aug2022.pdf
25 Office Order regarding AEBAS Attendance OO reg AEBAS Attendance 16Aug2022.pdf
26 Office Order regarding allocation Vehicle in-charge OO Vehicle in-charge 12Aug2022.pdf
27 Office Order regarding AITT CITS Practical August 2022 OO CITS Practical Exam Aug2022.pdf
28 Office Order regarding Duty Allocation (Generator) OO reg Duty allocation 01Aug2022_compressed_0.pdf
29 Annual Day 2022 at NSTIW Tura OO reg Annual Day 2022.pdf
30 Office Order reg. Course Completion OO regarding Syllabus completion 27July2022.pdf
31 Office Order reg Virtual Tour OO Reg Virtual Tour 22July2022.pdf
32 Regarding halt of admission for TTA(CTS) & STCT(CTS) Reg halt of admission.pdf
33 Merit List of CTS admission 2022-23 Merit List CTS.pdf
34 Har Ghar Tiranga OO Har Ghar Tiranga 06072022.pdf
35 Admission Notice for CTS 2022-23 CTS admission Notice 2022-23.pdf
36 International Day of Yoga 2022 Office Order International Yoga Day 2022_0.pdf
37 CTS Admission 2022-23 CTS admission Form & Prospectus-2022_0.pdf
38 Office Order for Supplementary Examination on 15/06/2022 OO reg Supplementary Exam 15June2022.pdf
39 Office Order assigning duties OO regarding duties assigned 24May2022.pdf
40 Office Order regarding E-Office implementation Office Order reg E-Office implementation 28March2022.pdf
41 Office Order regarding Time of Arrival of Office Staff OO reg Time of Arrival of Office Staff 23March2022.pdf
42 Daily Class Routine CITS Courses CITS Time table_merged.pdf
43 Daily Class Routine CTS courses CTS Time table.pdf
44 Office Order regarding DDO OO reg DDO 09March2022.pdf
45 Office Order regading HOO in-charge OO reg HOO in-charge 21FEB2022.pdf
46 Office Order reg. Offline Classes OO reg Offline Classes 01FEB2022.pdf
47 Office Order reg. Hindi Section OO reg Hindi Section Charge 31JAN2022.pdf
48 Advertisement for Guest Faculty adv for faculty.pdf
49 Circular regarding Grievance of Trainees Circular regarding Grievances of Trainees 19Jan2022.pdf
50 Office Order for Store Return 07/01/2022 OO for Store return 7Jan2022.pdf
51 Office Order for Charge Allocation 07/01/2022 OO Charge Allocation 7Jan2022.pdf
52 Office Order reg. Assessment Marks Offiec Order reg Assessment Marks 23Nov2021.pdf
53 Office Order reg. Video & Information Offiec Order reg Videos & Information 23Nov2021.pdf
54 CITS AITT/Exam 2021 Duty Exam Duty CITS.pdf
55 Office Order Regarding Practical Exam for JVC Recruitment on 16/11/2021 OO Reg JVC Practical Exam Duty 12Nov2021.pdf
56 Office Order regarding Biometric Attendance OO Regarding Biometric Attendance 01Nov2021.pdf
57 Circular regarding Assessment Submission of CITS OO reg. Assessment submission of CITS 01Nov2021.pdf
58 Office Order regarding Duty allocation District wise Office Order 29-10-2021.pdf
59 Office order reg. Principal incharge Office Order 22-10-2021.pdf
60 Regarding opening of Institute in the evening hours & weekend Office Order 08-10-2021.pdf
61 Office Order regarding Purchase Committee Purchase Committee formed 21Sep2021.pdf
62 Tender Enquiry for Painting & White Wash Work Website & Notice Board.pdf
63 Office Order Regarding HOO of NSTI(W), Tura OO reg HOO 13Sep2021.pdf
64 Office Order regarding Attendance Nodal Officer of NSTI(W), Tura OO Attendance Nodal 15Sep2021.pdf
65 Office Order regarding HOO O.Order Tura reg HOO 2.8.2021.pdf
66 Office Order for CTS Admission 2021-22 OO CTS Admission 12July2021.pdf
67 CTS Admission Notice 2021-22 CTS Admission Notice-2021-22_3.pdf
68 Work Order for AMC of Horticulture Work Horticulture work order 24June2021 HoD Office copy.pdf
69 Work Order for AMC of Plumbing Work Plumbing work order 24June2021 Officecopy.pdf
70 Work Order for AMC of Electrical Work Work Order Electrical AMC 24June2021 Office copy.pdf
71 Tender Enquiry for AMC of Horticulture FY-2021-22 Tender enquiry Horticulture AMC 2021-22 website.pdf
72 Tender Enquiry for AMC of Plumbing Work FY-2021-22 Tender enquiry for AMC of Plumbing Work FY-2021-22 Website.pdf
73 Tender Enquiry for AMC of Electrical Works FY-2021-22 Website Notice Board Electrical AMC 09June2021.pdf
74 Office Order for Work from home Office Order regarding Work from home 30April2021.pdf
75 Advertisement for Guest Faculty for the session 2021-22 Advertisement for Guest Feculty 2021-22.pdf
76 Tender Enquiry for Sealing of Window & Ventilation Glasses qtr security room electrical Room Sealing of Window & Ventilation Glasses qtr security room electrical Room 53.pdf
77 Tender Enquiry for Distemper painting of Qtr II-02 Distemper painting of Qtr II-02 52.pdf
78 Tender Enquiry for Sealing of Window & Ventilation Glasses main office building 1st Floor by Glass Putin Sealing of Window & Ventilation Glasses main office building 1st Floor by Glass Putin 51.pdf
79 Tender Enquiry for Sealing of Window & Ventilation Glasses Main Office Building Sealing of Window & Ventilation Glasses Main Office Building 49.pdf
80 CITS-2020Online Counselling User Manual CITS 2020 Counselling Process - Candidates_3 (1)_2.pdf
81 Circular for ITIs (NE States) regarding ToT-Blended Learning Training Programme Circular for ToT-Blended Learning Training in NE States ITIs 11-12-2020.pdf
82 Tender Enquery for Repairing of Sewing Machines 08th December, 2020 Tender Enquery for Repairing of Sewing Machines 08Dec2020.pdf
83 Office Order for HOO Charge 03/12/2020 OO HOO CHARGE 03Dec2020.pdf
84 Tender Enquiry for Painting of Quarter No-1 Type-II Painting of Quarter No 1 Type-II.pdf
85 Tender Enquiry for Repairing & Replacing of Window & Door Glasses Repairing & repalcing of window & Door glasses.pdf
86 Schedule of Examination (AITT 2020) of CITS Batch -I Session 2019-20 AITT of CITS-(Batch-1) October 2020_2.pdf
87 Tentative Schedule for Examination (AITT 2020) of CITS Batch 2019-20 Exam and batch Schedule CITS 2020_1.pdf
88 ORDERS-NSTI(W) TURA OO for HOO 20July2020.pdf


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